Dr. Marvin Chiles, professor of African American History at Old Dominion University joins us for a discussion of the 1619 project. In this episode, Dr. Key shares her experience interviewing Nicole Hannah-Jones while exploring critical black history truths and myths.

September 1, 2020

Episode 10: Sisterhood

This episode of Making it Plain with Dr. Key is focused on Sisterhood. Dr. Tanjia Coleman, expert in organizational development and diversity and inclusion, joins the discussion to discuss ways in which she has fostered sisterhood in her networks and the important of sisterhood among black women.

August 23, 2020

Episode 9 Black Politics

Erica Savage Wilson, founder and host of Savage Politics join us to discuss politics and issues that influence black voters. As a regular on Roland Martin Unfiltered, she recently interviewed ICE CUBE and discusses her experience with him. In addition, she shares helpful voting tips and her expertise on the black vote. 

In this episode we discuss the experiences LGBTQIA+ individuals to gain understanding of the culture and ways to better offer support. Our guesit is Gabrielle Davis. Gabrielle Davis is a respiratory therapist and counselor in Boise Idaho. Gabrielle's current role is COPD Educator and Nicotine Cessation Coordinator for St. Luke's Health System and is a counselor at Ambitions of Idaho. Gabrielle has earned a master's degree in public health and in counseling. Outside of the healthcare field, Gabrielle is an adjunct professor at Boise State University and is the facilitator for a local LGBTQIA+ youth social support group. In her free time Gabrielle enjoys reminding people that Black Queer and Trans Lives are included when saying 'Black Lives Matter', dispelling myths about the definition of allyship and encouraging people to say 'I don't know' instead of pretending to know. Gabrielle lives in Boise with her wife and dog and they enjoy traveling whenever the opportunity presents itself.

This episode explores recent protests, racism, police brutality and motherhood. My guest for this episode is Pastor Alvin Georges, Senior Site Pastor of The Mount Peninsula Church and Dr. Shadeiyah Edwards, psychology expert.

Women are beginning to discuss their challenges as a result of COVID-19. This podcast covers the experiences of professional women with our guest Dr. Kaprea Johnson, Researcher, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Counseling. 

In this Episode of Making It Plain we are discussing the black hair with specific focus on black women with Dr. Shuntay Tarver, Assistant Professor, Researcher, and guru of black in understanding black women.

In this episode of Making It Plain we are discussing black women in academia with Dr. Felecia Commodore, Assistant Professor, Researcher and Co-Author of "Black Women College Students".

Welcome to Making It Plain Podcast! In Episode 1 of Making It Plain we are discussing black women and mental health with Dr. Sarah Williams, celebrity psychotherapist and host of the show “Dr. Sarah after dark”. In this show Dr. Key examines stereotypes that impact black women and how these stereotypes influences mental health. The show also covers depression, anxiety and self silencing.

Welcome to Making It Plain Podcast!  In Episode 2 we are discussion  the rise in black youth suicide and the cultural challenges to addressing it. Ms. Bianca Augustine, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and Resident Counselor shares her expertise in counseling and research as it relates to black youth suicidal ideation.


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